Neil Ramsden
Mathematics and Specialist Software

Neil Ramsden applies mathematics and bespoke computer programming to a variety of different domains, ranging from linguistic structures to structures in engineering.

Mathematics and Software

Based in Dorset in the south west of England, Neil Ramsden provides an independent and established mathematics and computing consultancy, built on thirty years of experience.

This web-site gives a flavour of what I can offer you, but everyone's needs are different, so do contact me to discuss what it is you're looking for.

I have a special interest in renewable energy technologies. In particular, I've longstanding experience of working in the wind turbine industry.

My aim is to use a versatile mix of skills to get the right solution to your mathematics or computer based needs.

These skills include general mathematics, mathematics for engineers, and computer software development in a variety of coding languages, including Python and C++.

Word Building and Spelling

A growing proportion of my time has been spent in looking at ways of applying computers to understanding and teaching English vocabulary and spelling, particularly by applying the approach known in linguistics as morphology.

This web-site includes free web resources for investigating the structures making up the English writing system.

They include an Orthographic Glossary, a powerful Word Searcher, an interactive Suffix Checker and Mini Matrix-Maker.

You can also get a copy of Word Microscope, which is a downloadable PC program for peering into the structure of a chosen specimen word.

Word Microscope guides you in creating your own linked word families to help with vocabulary and spelling.