Word Microscope Buying Guide

Individual Licences

Maximum users:

Choose the user number that best reflects your needs. See the batch options if you need licences for more than 10 users.

Batch Licences

Maximum users:

Please contact us if you need a price-quote for a larger number of users. You can do this by e-mailing mail@neilramsden.co.uk

Note: Please make sure you provide us with your valid e-mail address, as we will only respond by e-mail.

We sell in British pounds (GBP). PayPal will automatically convert to your own currency during the buying process.

What You Get

Buying a licence enables you to use the current version with no time limit.

You'll also be able to make upgrades within the same major version, so that you can benefit from any small improvements and bug fixes.

For example, if you paid for version 1.1.0, then you'd have access to any updates with a version 1.1.1 or 1.2.0 (provided you download them), but you won't have an automatic right to version 2.0.0 or beyond.

After receiving payment, we'll e-mail you a key file to remove the time-limit. Make sure that you provide us with a valid e-mail address when you make your payment!

We'll usually reply within 3 working days, but because this is a manual process, we may occasionally take longer.

Free Trial Version

We strongly encourage you to try Word Microscope before you buy it.

In any case, you will need a copy of Word Microscope to complete the buying process. Follow the link from the Word Microscope home page to download and install the latest version.

The trial version is fully functioning. The only restriction is a time-limit, based on when you install it.

After receiving your payment, we will e-mail you a key to unlock the time-limit.

Calculating the Number of Users

Word Microscope is priced per user. There is a sliding discount for multiple users.

The discount applies to the batch of licences you request at the time of purchase. You can't claim a discount by adding in previous purchases.

Before buying Word Microscope, you should consider how many users you are likely to have at any one time. Count up the number of simultaneous users, rather than how many users you will have altogether.

Two students sharing the same screen would count as one user; as would one student using it between 9am and 10am and another from 10am to 11am and so on through the day.

The key file records the licensed user-count, but doesn't enforce it. We trust our customers' own discretion in determining their own fair use.

Forming a Group of Buyers

We're more than happy for individuals to club together to benefit from the lower price for multiple users.

If you do that, please use one contact point, either a single group name or a group representative, with a single e-mail address.

Please also remember that a licence is not transferable. The licence is assigned to the members of your group at the time of purchase and shouldn't be moved between members subsequently.


In choosing the price, we've aimed at making Word Microscope accessible for users' budgets, while reflecting its quality and making it sustainable for us financially.

We welcome comments about any aspect of Word Microscope, including pricing.

For a single user, a permanent licence for the current version costs £42 GBP (around $55 in US dollars at the time of writing).

If you buy more, then the unit price reduces. For example, for 20 users it reduces to £26.25 GBP per user (£525 GBP in total).

Prices may change in future. We'll try to give at least 1 month's notice before any price increase.

If you have difficulty paying, then please feel open to contact us.

We would also be happy to negotiate a rental price for multiple licences over a fixed period, eg. for a specific course or class.

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