Using Mini Matrix-Maker


There are four simple steps to create a word matrix. You can see example data for each step by pressing the buttons in the instructions area on the Mini Matrix-Maker Edit Page.

Step 1. Choose a working base. The working base is used as the starting point for your word matrix.

Step 2. Optionally add a denotation, which provides a meaning for the base. You may wish to enclose the denotation in double-quotes "like this".

Step 3. Write word sums around that base:

Step 4. Press Update to draw the matrix.

Base elements

The word matrix displays base elements by choosing a stronger font. This applies to the working base and other bases which may be included as part of compound words.

To do this, Mini Matrix-Maker interprets any capitalised element in a word sum as a base. It's enough for the first letter to be uppercase, but some users may prefer to write the whole of the base in uppercase to emphasise that bases are special.

The base is displayed in lowercase in the resulting word matrix.

Viewing the Matrix

After you've set up your word sums, press the large button to draw the matrix.

Before pressing Update, you can also tick the ' Matrix-only' check box to just show the matrix on its own.

After viewing the matrix, you can return to the main Edit Page by clicking on the Close link on the bottom right hand side.


It's possible to print your results. If your browser has it, then the 'print to fit' option generally works best for sizing.

Saving your results

You're free to copy or save any matrices that you produce from your results.

Please don't copy or save the Mini Matrix-Maker Edit Page -- only save your Results page.

One way to copy the matrix is just to do a screen copy into a graphics file. How to do this varies between different types of computer.

There's no direct command to save your work, but your browser may let you save the Mini Matrix-Maker Results page. (This doesn't seem to work with Internet Explorer, but does work the way you'd want it to with Safari and Firefox.)

The input word sums can then be copied and pasted back again into the word sums box on a blank Mini Matrix-Maker Edit Page.

Click on the Input data link on the bottom of the Results page to see your word sums in a form that is easy to copy and paste.

History of Changes

4-Sep-12 Fixed a bug in the layout of more complex matrices.
Fixed untidy column boundaries caused by long denotations.
Input data on the Results Page now includes the base.
Improved word sum checking.
19-Jul-12 First public release.
Moved 'Where-next' to home page.
Subsidiary bases (those forming compounds) are now placed in a separate compartment from affixes.
22-May-12 First restricted release.

Many of the features in the Mini Matrix-Maker encapsulate characteristically incisive comments and creative ideas from Gail Venables. I'm very grateful to her for this and her wider support.

Copyright Neil Ramsden 2012.

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Last updated 4 Sep 2012