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Word Pool standard (recommended) FreeBSD (unavailable!)
Search Pattern
^ matches start of word
^br matches words beginning with 'br'
[ ] matches any member of the enclosed character set
[w-z] matches all letters starting at w and ending at z, ie. letters w, x, y and z
[aeiouy] matches any vowel
vo[ck] matches 'voc' or 'vok'
$ matches end of word
[st]ion$ matches words ending 'sion' or 'tion'
[^ ] matches any character not in the enclosed set
[^aeiou] matches any consonant
q[^u] matches q followed by any letter other than u
| separates alternatives
ing|ed|er matches 'ing', 'ed' or 'er'
. matches any letter
.y.|^y matches medial or initial y
( ) groups a pattern
(ing|ed|er)$ matches final 'ing', 'ed' or 'er'
{ } specifies number of matches for the preceding pattern
m([aeiouy]{2}|ow) matches m followed by two vowels or by 'ow'

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