Neil Ramsden
Mathematics and Specialist Software

Neil Ramsden applies mathematics and bespoke computer programming to a variety of different domains, ranging from linguistic structures to structures in engineering.

This website is undergoing a number of changes at the moment. This first stage is aiming to improve the current access and content, which has worked well for many years. The site is now showing its age, so would benefit from a little human kindness. This will also help in adding any new features in the future.

Here are some of the details. I'm trying my best to minimise any resulting disruption.

  • You can now find me at, which uses a more secure https: connection.
  • The Word Searcher works with its main default options; but the FreeBSD option is temporarily unavailable. (This was an unexpected side-effect of the overall move to the https: protocol.)
  • We'll also fix the various outdated external links.
  • There are several out of date pages referring to my professional work.

Neil  9 Feb 2024

Mathematics and Software

Based in Dorset in the south west of England, I've worked as an independent consultant in mathematics and computing for more than thirty years.

This web-site gives a flavour of what I've done in the past, as well as some new undertakings. Although I'm still open to invitations, I'm much less likely to take on any formal consultancy work any more.

I have a special interest in renewable energy technologies and environmental issues. My professional skills have included general mathematics and bespoke software development, especially in the wind turbine industry.

My heart has always been attracted by pure mathematics and philosophical questions. I'm indulging this in constructing an alternative modern foundation for differential calculus, which resurrects Isaac Newton's theory of fluents and fluxions.

Word Building and Spelling

A growing proportion of my time has been spent in looking at ways of applying computers to understanding and teaching English vocabulary and spelling, particularly by applying the approach known in linguistics as morphology.

This web-site includes free web resources for investigating the structures making up the English writing system.

They include an Orthographic Glossary, a powerful Word Searcher, an interactive Suffix Checker and Mini Matrix-Maker.

You can also get a copy of Word Microscope, which is a downloadable PC program for peering into the structure of a chosen specimen word.

Word Microscope guides you in creating your own linked word families to help with vocabulary and spelling.