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This page contains links and acknowledgements for external resources used by Word Microscope.

Copyright Holders

The main Word Microscope copyright is held by Louise and Neil Ramsden. The program also uses copyrighted components from the following:

Peter and Susan Bowers co-own our morpheme database.

We couldn't have produced Word Microscope without using a number of high-quality tools from free or open source software. Although we've chosen a commercial proprietory route for Word Microscope, we strongly admire this movement. We're especially grateful to the makers of wxWidgets, which we use for our graphical user interface.

The Tools menu provides links to external web-sites, which have their own ownership and their own responsibility for content.

Lexical and Morphological Data

Word Microscope references morphological patterns and explicit lists of English elements and words. They draw on the following sources:

We work closely with WordWorks Literacy Centre in Kingston, Ontario.

A motivating premise for us is that language investigation is amenable to active reason rather than passive reference. We especially value the many e-mail discussions with fellow investigators, whose orthographic conclusions have been embodied in Word Microscope. (And we look forward to what new insights future discussions will bring!)


Images include icons from the Nuvola and GTK set. They're covered by the LGPL licence. Although this is something you would do at your own risk, you should be able to modify them by replacing the corresponding image files in XRCandImages.zip, which is found in the Word Microscope installation's bin folder.

They were originally download as gnome-themes-extras-0.9.0.tar.gz (6 MB) and gtk+-2.10.zip (22 MB), which included the full sets of Nuvola and GTK images. There may well be more recent versions now.

Word Microscope doesn't use the GTK C-library.


Etymonline was created by Douglas Harper.

Etymonline is a gift to word explorers and is a perfect complement to the structural emphasis within Word Microscope. We don't use Etymonline directly in Word Microscope, but for convenience we do include a direct link to it.

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