Word Microscope -- Version History

Word Microscope 1-1-0

Released 17 Oct 2013.

This is essentially a public version of Word Microscope 1-0-test-E, Ea, Eb.

Additional changes:

This is our first commercial version. You can now buy a licence to use it without time-limit.

Word Microscope 1-0-test-E, Ea, Eb

Released 17 Sep 2013 (E), 28 Sep 2013 (Ea), 8 Oct 13 (Eb); available by invitation only.

The main purpose of these was as pre-release test versions, which is why access was limited to a small group only.

Changes include changes in 1-0-test-D3 and D3a, plus:

Many other changes have been internal and invisible to the user. They've helped simplify the code, which means that future developments will be easier.

Note to Mac users: We've now changed how Word Microscope is put together, which may make it easier to run on the Mac as a PC program. If you've been able to run Word Microscope on a Mac, we'd really like to hear from you.

Word Microscope 1-0-test-D3a

Released 16 Apr 2013.


Word Microscope 1-0-test-D3

Released 1 Apr 2013.


Many changes have been internal and invisible to the user, eg. in preparation for selling Word Microscope.

Known bugs:

Word Microscope 1-0-test-D2

Released 16 Oct 2012.

Changes include changes in 1-0-test-D1, plus:

Word Microscope 1-0-test-D1

Released 11 Apr 2012, with limited access.


Word Microscope 1-0-test-D

Released 8 Apr 2012.

Changes include:

Word Microscope 1-0-test-C2

Released 8 Sep 2011.

Changes include:

Word Microscope 1-0-test-C1

Released 14 Dec 2010.

First public experimental version. Thanks to everyone who commented on this, which has helped us to make many improvements.

Word Microscope 1-0-test-B0, B1 and B2

Released 12 Dec 2008 to 26 May 2010.

Early experimental versions, with limited access.

Word Microscope 1-0-test-A

Released 2 Oct 2007.

First experimental version, with limited access.

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