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Experiments in English Morphology



This area contains experiments in morphology and English spelling, inspired by but distinct from Real Spelling.

It's separate from my own main web site as it has a very different purpose.

The aim is to try out some simple helpers that start from the assumption that the English spelling system has a strong underlying order, provided you look at it from the right standpoint.

When you realise that English spelling is (generally) well-behaved, it opens the way to learning, understanding and teaching spelling by uncovering its patterns through exploration and experience rather than rote learning.

These simple tools are geared towards helping spellers do just that, rather than just to label a particular spelling right or wrong in the same way as a spelling checker might (sometimes incorrectly).

The spelling glossary can help if the terminology is new to you. For example, you can usefully start by looking up word sum there and surfing through the various internal links.

Please use this experimental site; and please let us know how you get on.

Free Usage

These web-tools and accompanying notes are protected by copyright. The majority of them are free of charge. You're welcome to use each of them 'as is', from this web site; but you would need my explicit permission to copy or distribute them.

If you've found this micro-site worthwhile, then you're certainly welcome and indeed encouraged to spread the word!

Your Comments

We aim to use experience gained from this web-site to create commercial quality ICT resources for schools and hobbyists. If you use our web-tools, then your comments can help us do that.

Please do e-mail comments to me at mail@neilramsden.co.uk

(I've removed live links to email addresses to discourage spam harvesters.)

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