Word Building and Spelling
Experiments in English Morphology


Simple Checkers

Forming Plurals   Doubling Final  <f>, <l>, <s> or <z>

These checkers are simple examples of how you can follow a sequence of decisions to check or choose how an English word is spelled.

Both were inspired from original flowcharts produced by Real Spelling, which provide a complete pictorial view of the checking decisions involved.

Historically, I created them after the Interactive Suffix Checker, but these checkers may be a more accessible introduction, as they involve fewer new concepts than the suffix checker does.

Use the Doubling Final  <f>, <l>, <s> or <z> checker to decide whether to double <f>, <l>, <s> or <z> at the end of words, starting with a target word you are sure will end in <f>, <l>, <s> or <z>. 

Use the checker for Forming Plurals to help you choose what changes to make to a singular word when creating a plural. The most likely outcomes are to add one of the suffixes <-s> or <-es>, or create a more exotic plural for words from Latin, French or Greek.

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