Word Microscope Download v1.1.0

Quick Installation To try out Word Microscope now, download and run wm-setup-1-1-0.exe (Windows only). Or read on to learn more first.

After you download and install Word Microscope, visit the Buying Guide page to buy a licence to run it with no time-limit.

Word Microscope runs on PC under Windows. There isn't a Mac version!

About Word Microscope

Use this page to download Word Microscope.

If you're interested in Word Microscope, please let us know who you are, as we'd like to hear from you (see the e-mail address below).

Our aim is to produce a program which reflects the needs of students, teachers and home-users. We hope you will send us suggestions about what works well and what could be better.

See the licence for the conditions of use. Visit the Word Microscope home page if you'd like more background or latest news.

The Word Microscope Release Notes show current functionality and some of our future plans. To learn about past changes, see the version history.

Word Microscope on the Mac

Word Microscope runs on PC under Windows, but not natively on Mac.

If you regularly run Word Microscope on a Mac, eg. under an emulator, then we'd really like to hear from you.

Installing Word Microscope

To set up Word Microscope, use the wm-setup-1-1-0.exe installation program. (Click on the link to download it. You'll then need to run the setup program to complete the installation.)

This version is free to use for 42 days after you install it. Visit the Buying Guide page to buy a licence to run Word Microscope without a time-limit.

Typically, download and save the setup file to your computer; then run it. You will need administrator rights to install Word Microscope to the required default locations on your computer.

(Microsoft Windows will usually ask you to confirm you want the setup program to make changes to your device; and it may then invite you to login as a user that Windows recognises as having permission to install the Word Microscope program on your computer.)

The download size is roughly 6 Megabytes.

Look under the Word Microscope folder on the Windows start button if you wish to uninstall it later, which will help keep your computer tidy.

Problems Installing

We've tested the installer successfully on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 (not yet on 11; but others may have done so). Whatever Windows version you have, we recommend testing it on your system before committing to a purchase.

Please let us know if there are any problems during installation, as we wouldn't like anyone to be put-off right from the start.

If you see an error message saying "An error occurred while writing the key file", you may not be running the installation as administrator. (This is most likely to occur on old Windows XP machines.) One solution is to log out and re-run the installer using a system or administrator account.

After Installation

After installing, run Word Microscope and let it guide you through what to do next.

Read "Help Contents" (available via the Word Microscope Help menu) to see more ways of getting help.

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